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Grand Master: Wang Yan (王雁)(1900- 1980)
Chen style Taijiquan 9th generation, one of old "Four Buddha's Warrior Attendants".

He was a disiple of Chen Yanxi (陳延熙). He was called "Steel stroke, God leaning".
Master Zheng Xudong (鄭旭東)(1951- )
Chen style 10th generation

Zheng Xudong started learning Taiji in 1966 under the instruction of Wang Yan.

He is familiar with Chinese medicine and the principle of Taijiquan.
Master Wang Changjiang (王長江)(1951- 2021)
Chen style 10th generation.

Wang Changjiang is a grandson of Wang Yan. He inherited Wang Yan's discipline directly.
Mistress Shen Zhenjun(沈振軍)(1959- )
Chen style 10th generation.

Shen Zhenjun is wife of Zheng Xudong.
She does not teach one to one usually, but Tsuyoshi Kosaka was fortunate to receive her teaching on a one to one basis.
Li Tianxiang 李天祥
He is a brother of Li Tianjin(李天金) who is Jack Ma(馬雲)'s bodyguard.

He has been a bouncer of many masters in Chen family village(Chenjia gou  陳家溝)

He always supports Master Tsukamoto and Yoshinkai.
Hironobu Tsukamoto (塚本博信)(1972- )
Chen style 11th generation.

When he was in late 20's, he got stomach cancer. To recover his health, he gathered up his courage to go to China to learn Taijiquan.

Master Zheng and mistress Shen told him, "Practice or die". He practiced hard and mastered the principle of Chen style Taijiquan.
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